The stories of this work will result in a multidisciplanary production of 4 different artistic languages:

> The stories
Alan Alpenfelt meets people who arrived from the Balcans to Switzerland during the 1990s and who were aged 10 to 20 years old. He listens to their stories and transforms them into a radiodrama series.
In 2014, 20 of these stories will be produced as radiodramas by the RSI2, the Swiss National Radio in Italian language.
The first five stories were presented as a preview at the 8th international literature festival Chiassoletteraria – A/polis, Thoughts of exile.

> The notebooks of Nisveta
With the collaboration of Chiasso, Culture in movimento, the play The Notebooks of Nisveta (I quaderni di Nisveta) is produced, written by Elvira Mujčić and interpreted by Valentina Bartolo, Silvia Grande and Giulia Valenti.

> Stories and War
The painter Ravi Tironi, by listening to the stories, creates a painting or a sculpure using his unique tecnique. The work becomes an exhibition called Stories and War (Storie e Guerra). In 2014 we will organize an exhibition in Bellinzona in May and one in Lugano in November.

> EP I Am Here Now
Together with the musicians of the label Pulver & Asche Records, a soundtrack of the project will be made. This will be available together with Elvira Mujčić’s play as a CD, and an ebook.