From September 2013, one by one 100 episodes will be published on the website Every episode is the reworked version of a story told by a person who fled the war between 10 and 18 years and today still lives in Switzerland.

The collection of these stories are based on seven points:

1. Who am I now
One’s work, passion, hobbies. The cities and places considered home, the friends, relationships and every day habits.

2. Origin
The place of origin, memories of being a child, of one’s home, the objects, the people and the dreams one had at the time.

3. Departure
Why one had to leave, what the journey was like and who were the people encountered. The road from the departure to the arrival.

4. The arrival
The moment of the arrival, through which border, the impact of the first moments, what kind of sounds and images one remembers, the impact with the new language and of the welcome centres.

5.The first integration
The first experiences with school, the friends, how they learned the language. The new childhood and how it was to be called a Jugoslav.

6. The second integration
How is it now? Being an adult, are all dangers and prejudices gone? What are the problems facing racism, linguistic, religious, cultural and work unbalances. The relationship with one’s own history.

7. The future
All the desires of the present.