The execution of paintings of this extended project “Storie e Guerra” (Stories and War) developes through two creative methods of study. Ravi Tironi listens to the voices of the exiles collected by Alan Alpenfelt and paints their stories on different canvases. He will never know their identities unless they expressly want to present themselves to him.

The first procedure desires to communicate the forced expulsion from their native country.
Ash, testimony of an exclusion, places itself as the natural process of combustion to which it was destined and becomes the survivor of an ancient combination: fire. The continuity of this material represents the contrail of those exiles, expelled by an explosion and in their extended form as rests of an extinguished fire by sudden rain. As the live coal burns out, the ash loses any belonging to the order of that fire and is forced to become a sad and cold deposit of heat. The same thing happens to man when he is eradicated from his land which generated him. He waits, as ash, to grow again.

The second procedure, uses plaster, glue and coloured pigments. The execution code keeps track of the quantity of nostalgia, hatred, gratitude, fear, hope and other factors included in these stories. The transparency of the colours shows the becoming conscious of the refugee condition, the numerous scars still open which can be seen on the canvases.

The Exhibition implies therefore the combination of an audio story with its work of art and can be listened to by sitting on a white stool and earphones. The effect is a multimedia experience which stimulates imagination for every different person: the told story own images and the abstract forms of the painting mould into concrete shapes and objects.

Ravi preparazione Quadri 5